Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Running a home based business has its benefits but at the same time facebook seems to be the only way of promoting it.
In February 2011 Elan contacted me and invited to join the club. ELAN is a women's social club, gathering women from all over Pakistan and promoting the work they are involved in. It promotes all kinds of businesses run by women and holds meetings almost every month.
After I attended the Elan meeting , the orders of STF started flooding in! Not only the orders increased but I also became aware of other types of businesses that women are running these days.
This gave me a chance to meet so many wonderful lady entrepreneurs and make friends .Also this led to joint ventures and collaborations with other businesses helping me promote my business and expand.
ELAN is a great place to promote your business, meet other working ladies and come across business opportunities.

For those wanting to come in this field, I must say stay dedicated, enjoy your work and be consistent.

Happy Sugaring!

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