Sunday, 17 March 2013

Through my phone :)

It's 3 in the morning and I am still up. Needless to say I should have been snoring at this hour , but I never sleep in time. Whyyy?
I don't know :(
But hey the best thing is I just downloaded this App from playstore that let's me blog through my phone. What does it mean ? No more hibernation, Yay.
I am the happiest girl on this earth.

Coming up on my blog is :
"The slutty brownie bars "
Hint : see the image

I must sleep for now.

-Hoor :)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

CAUTION ! - Brownies that make you go weak in your knees !

Apologies for staying away for long ! but hey I work a full time job , a little more than that... Yes I over work now.
Never mind , I am a doc :)

I ll cut the post short and put up my best THE BEST brownie tutorial here.
This a tried and tested , wait .... its alot more than that, I have made this atleast 50 times. Th best part is it never goes wrong, What could be cooler than that?
 Original recipe is from BBC foods with alterations made according to the availability of products and my experience .


Dark Cooking Chocolate 200gms
Butter                              200gms
Eggs                                2
Sugar                              200gms
Flour                               100gms
Cadbury Cocoa Powder 50gms

White chocolate 50gms
Milk chocolate   50gms


-Preheat Oven at 160C (electric ovens) or 180C (gas oven)
-Line a 13X9 inch pan with a parchment sheet/ aluminium foil.
-Chop 50g white chocolate and 50g milk chocolate into chunks on a board.

1. Melt Butter and Cooking chocolate in a bowl and heat it in microwave for 2mins and mix to get a smooth runny mix. Let it cool.

2. In a separate bowl blend Sugar with eggs with a beater on the highest speed. This is a very important step. You blend it for 3-8mins (depending on the speed of your mixer) till it looks like a milk shake.

3. In a separate bowl sift flour and cocoa powder well and mix together.

Now comes the real art of making , you have to be patient , wise and very gentle with the mixing part.

Pour the cooled chocolate mixture over the eggy mousse, then gently fold together with a rubber spatula. Plunge the spatula in at one side, take it underneath and bring it up the opposite side and in again at the middle. Continue going under and over in a figure of eight, moving the bowl round after each folding so you can get at it from all sides, until the two mixtures are one and the colour is a mottled dark brown. The idea is to marry them without knocking out the air, so be as gentle and slow as you like .

Now gently fold the cocoa and flour mixture powder using the same figure of eight action as before. The mixture will look dry and dusty at first, and a bit unpromising, but if you keep going very gently and patiently, it will end up looking gungy and fudgy. Stop just before you feel you should, as you don't want to overdo this mixing. Finally, stir in the white and milk chocolate chunks until they're dotted throughout.

Put in the 13X9 inch pan and bake for 15mins .

When the buzzer goes off , open the oven, pull the shelf out a bit and gently shake the tin. If the brownie wobbles in the middle, it's not quite done, so slide it back in and bake for another 5 minutes until the top has a shiny, papery crust and the sides are just beginning to come away from the tin.

Take out , Let it cool down completely.

Cut into squares and store- LOL

These are so addictive ,I bet these will finish within a day ... so prepare yourself to make more :)